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How Do You Know That You’re Getting the Best?

We talk directly with each factoring company

National Factoring Association’s team has been in the accounts receivable factoring for decades, both in operations and sales, and has in-depth knowledge of how the factoring community performs within specific industries. We take that knowledge when speaking to the factoring companies we represent on our site, to make sure that each one is representing their true product and not hiding information until the last minute, so that you get a true picture of who you are working with. We go through each industry and dollar amounts so that they are presented only in the areas that they strive at.

We research

We look at the background of each accounts receivable factor to make sure they meet the quality of service that you deserve. We work tirelessly to ensure that every search conducted on National Factoring Group is only bringing you the best results. We also look at each company’s business practices. We do not work with companies that use unethical or questionable tactics such as bait and switch pricing or services methods or trapping techniques like filing UCC liens prior to contracts being signed. National Factoring Group only works with factoring companies that meet the highest and most ethical industry practices.


We follow up

We conduct follow ups, through customer surveys, to make sure each business that has found their factor through our site is being treated correctly. That information is used for our star service rating so that you know how each company is views by other businesses in your industry. If any customer rankings fall below 2.75 stars, the factoring company will be removed from that specific industry or the site all together. This is to ensure that you are always seeing the best options for their business.

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