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National Factoring Association is committed to providing business owners with the best choice in factoring services anywhere. We are always looking for new factors to become associates and improve our databases, but we have some very strict criteria for inclusion. This is to ensure that business owners receive top-quality services they can trust.

Why Business Rely On National Factoring Association

National Factoring Association exists to educate factoring clients about their options and allow them to connect with the best funder for their needs. We believe that an educated business owner who is provided with all of the pertinent information will make the best decision and be a more loyal client. This works well for both the factors and the business owners as it results in more satisfying, long-term business relationships.

How It Works

Prospective clients go to to learn about factoring and select a factoring company that can best meet their needs. After completing an online company profile and needs parameter, a list of applicable factoring companies fitting the criteria is generated and the prospect is then able to review the profiles of each suitable factoring company and select up to three. Once a factor is selected, an email will be sent directly to the factoring company from the prospect referencing “National Factoring Association Inquiry” with the new prospect’s contact and business information.

At that point, the factor takes over and provides the prospect with a quote for their services and the business owner makes a decision.

By posting on you can expand your company’s visibility to new prospective clients. As a funder, you can take advantage of a marketing strategy and pool of clients that may not have otherwise have been available to you.


Qualifications For Becoming A Factor With National Factoring Association

We are adamant about connecting business owners with only the best, most trustworthy factors in the industry. As such, our qualifications for becoming one of our associates are strict:

  • You need to be willing to be transparent with your customers.
  • You must disclose any hidden fees.
  • You must not file until the customer has signed a contractor NOT just filled out an application.
  • You will not use bait and switch tactics.

Funders Can Be Removed

Once you become an associate with National Factoring Association, you have to work hard to stay there. We have removed funders from our site due to unethical business practices. If this happens, the funder is removed from our site permanently. We do not tolerate these types of business practices as they harm the business owners, the industry, and our own reputation for quality.

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If you are serious about helping businesses find the funding they need, contact us at 903-776-4NFG (4634) or via our online contact form to get the process started.

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