National Factoring Association

Great to Meet You. Here’s a Little About Us

National Factoring Association was designed to educate factoring clients of their options and allow them to connect with the best funders for their needs. Owners Brandi and Brandon Bauer, strongly believe that an educated business owner will make the best decision for their company and we have gone to great lengths to help them make those decisions.

Our story begins years ago…


Brandon Bauer worked in a small factoring business and he loved what he did. He started off in the mailroom and worked his way through every aspect of the industry. He moved into sales and thrived on the personal relationships he started with every client. He truly enjoyed being able to help businesses grow and prosper even in tough economic conditions.

From time to time, he’d watch clients leave and go to another company. This often did not work out well for the client as they found themselves dealing with factors who were only interested in securing a high commission. Brandon watched as clients he counted as friends saw their businesses flounder and sometimes shut down, all because of unscrupulous sales people.

He vowed then and there to figure out a better way to provide factoring services, not only for the businesses that needed factors, but for the industry itself. He saw firsthand how one shady operation could ruin the industry’s reputation.

Brandi Bauer started out as a receptionist. She did not know what factoring was or even that the industry existed. Over the years, she worked her way up to become an Account Executive where she was handling many of the day-to-day behind the scenes work for the business owners.

It was in this position that she developed some very personal relationships with the clients and got to see exactly how much factoring was able to help them. She, too, started to feel like her clients were becoming friends more than customers and wanted to do more to help them.

Eventually, Brandi and Brandon met, fell in love, got married, and started National Factoring Association! Now, they do their best to not only help businesses find the funding they need but to give the factoring industry a good name.

They both love what they do and feel good doing it, knowing that the factors found through National Factoring Association are as committed as they are to debunking industry myths and giving factoring a good name!